Dan Frey, Owner of Frey's Hunting Innovations




Hello! My name is Dan Frey, founder of Frey's Hunting Innovations. I have been a bow hunter for 24 years, and recently developed target panic. I was no longer comfortable taking the shot, especially at longer distances. As you can probably imagine, this affected both the joy and the results  of my bow hunting trips.

Then in the spring of 2011 I came up with the idea for the COMPOUND SUPERPODThis device lets the compound bow shooter support his bow arm while executing a shot. It is adjustable while at full draw.

It has extended my yardage distance by 20 yards and has reduced my target panic.  The device weighs in at  2.5 pounds, and can attach to the bow for easy transport to the hunting stand or blind. It is compact, lightweight, and simple to use.dan frey cropped



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