superpod-final-product-treeWho Can Use the Superpod

The Superpod has been specially crafted and developed for any bow hunter who is tired of messing up their shot with target panic or an unsteady arm. The Superpod will also work for the gun hunter as well as the crossbow shooter.

NEW!  We now have gun brackets that will allow you to connect the superpod directly to your crossbow or gun via the sling stud.

How the Superpod Works

The Compound Superpod stabilizes your bow arm as you draw and take the shot. At the top, a band wraps around your forearm, and the Superpod extends to the ground where you will place your foot in a stirrup to stabilize the bottom. The Superpod allows you to easily raise and lower your supported arm with gentle pressure. A clockwise turn of the friction knobs will increase the amount of pressure that is required to raise and lower your arm. The Superpod packs down for easy travel, and then unfolds and extends when you need it.
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Where can I use the Superpod?


The Compound Superpod can be used just about anywhere, whether on the ground, in a hunting blind or in a tree stand. As long as you have a solid place to put the base of the Superpod, you'll be able to stabilize your shot.

What is the Superpod made of?

The Superpod is built to be both sturdy and portable. The Superpod is constructed from strong, lightweight aluminum. The stirrup is covered with rubber and the main shaft is covered in grippy  foam rubber. The whole support system folds down to 26 inches, and only weighs 2.5 pounds. Fully extended, the Superpod stands up to 60 inches tall.

superpod-foot-mount Superpods are now available!

The Superpods are now ready to ship, to place an order click here.



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